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Reminiscent of Mui Ne
The scene of Bau Trang and Doi Trinh Nu in Binh Thuan Province  

Dunes of white sand, bushes and beautiful beaches at Bau Trang (White Lake) and Doi Trinh Nu (Virgin Hill) are the images of Mui Ne, a village of resorts well-known by local and international vacationers in Binh Thuan Province.

Situated a little further than Mui Ne from the heart of Phan Thiet City, two sites in Bac Binh District are among the landscapes shimmering in the sunshine which captivate adventurers looking for a destination that combines attractions of both water and land.

Bau Trang in Hoa Thang Village is an irresistibly beautiful lake of sparkling fresh water, established long ago in the middle of a vast valley of sand dunes and lined with evergreen pine forests. From a distance visitors can see the lake, also called Bau Sen (Lotus Lake) as lotuses grow all around the lake and are in pinkish blossoms during some months of the year.

A sand dune seems to cut the lake into two. Local people call these two parts Bau Ong (Lord Lake) and Bau Ba (Lady Lake), most likely to show their respect and gratitude to the gods for the life-giving natural water they and their animals have been blessed with.

Nowadays, the lake provides a variety of freshwater fish as well as a source of fresh water for local citizens, particularly during the dry season.

There are small boats on the lake for visitors to hire, or, they can just rest under the shadow of the poplar forest by the northern bank of the lake and enjoy the tranquillity and cool breezes.

On the south of White Lake are the ruins of a temple believed to have been built a long time ago to worship the deity Po Nagar, the wife of the god Shiva, also known as the Goddess of the Cham people. Meanwhile, east of the lake lies an area comprised of sand dunes that local residents call Doi Trinh Nu, as this area has remained nearly untapped.

Itís a great pleasure to stroll up and down the ridges of sand dunes of Doi Trinh Nu in the morning and late afternoon, trekking on the sand dunes in Mui Ne gives travellers the same feeling but quieter, and the hill is covered with wild bushes here and there.  Local children will lease their plastic boards to visitors who wish to try some sand skiing.

During the lotus blooming season, Bau Trang and Doi Trinh Nu are turned into a picturesque scene, with glorious colours of the lotus flowers, shimmering sand and the pale blue reflection in the lake.

Bau Trang and Doi Trinh Nu are now accessible by car or motorbike. Many resorts and travel companies in Mui Ne offer one-day tours to their beautiful sites, as well as to other attractions in Binh Thuan province. (SGT) 25 Oct 07

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