Sheraton Hanoi Hotel gaining the prize “Oscar” for tourism industry

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Sheraton Hanoi Hotel has gained thSheraton Hotele honorable prize which is compared to the Oscar in the tourism industry at the Gala night for the prize World Travel Awards which has been taken place in New Delhi, India.

Sheraton Hanoi hotel has kept the leading position in the system of Vietnamese hotels after receiving the prize “ Vietnam leading trade hotel” the forth continuously in the selection of the prize in tourism  World Travel Awards in 2010.

Being the Wall Street compared to the Oscar prize in the tourism industry, the prize World Travel Awards is the most honorable prize and it is known most in tourism industry, travel agents in the world. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel is the only hotel being selected for the item “Vietnam leading trade hotel” the forth. The selection attracts the participation of 183.000 tourist experts, travel agents and tourist visitors in the world.