Hanoi: Holding the competition for excellent tourist guides 2010

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For the purpose of enhancing the awareness of training, skills of tourist guides, the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will hold the competition for excellent tourist guides 2010.
The competition for excellent tourist guides  Hanoi 2010 is a chance to propagandize, advertise for products, special destinations of Hanoi, forwarding to serve well activities taken place on the occasion of the great festival of 1000 years old Thang Long - Hanoi and the national tourism year 2010 in Hanoi.
Accordingly, the competition contents include: competing knowledge on world cultural heritages, eating and drinking, traditional trade villages, ethnic groups, religions, festivals, traditional music, traditions to honor the religions, customs of worshipping ancestors of Vietnam and Hanoi. At the competition, candidates will present knowledge on tourist destinations with 20 topics on Hanoi, beauty spots, relics of some regions from Hue onwards, introducing themselves, presenting talent and answering situation questions. The first tournament of the competition is estimated to be held at the end of June 2010 to select 10 excellent candidates to enter the final tournament which will be taken place on 6 July 2010. After the final tournament, the Organization Board will select 5 excellent candidates to represent Hanoi to participate in the final competition of the national excellent tourist guides 2010 which will be held on 50 year anniversary of the founding of Vietnam tourism.